Surface Pro X vs Galaxy Tab S7


  1. Introduction
  2. Design and Display
  3. Performance and Speed
  4. Operating System and Software
  5. Productivity and Features
  6. Battery Life
  7. Storage and Expandability
  8. Camera and Multimedia
  9. Connectivity and Accessories
  10. Price and Value
  11. Conclusion


The Surface Pro X and Galaxy Tab S7 are two popular options for those seeking a versatile and powerful tablet. In this article, we will compare these devices in various aspects to help you make an informed decision. Let’s dive in!

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Design and Display

The design of a tablet plays a crucial role in its overall appeal and usability. The Surface Pro X features a sleek and modern design with its signature kickstand and detachable keyboard. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab S7 boasts a more traditional tablet design with slim bezels and a premium build quality. Both devices offer stunning displays, but the Tab S7’s larger Super AMOLED screen provides more vibrant colors and deeper blacks.

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Performance and Speed

When it comes to performance, the Surface Pro X takes the lead with its powerful Microsoft SQ1 processor and ample RAM. It can handle demanding tasks and multitasking with ease. The Galaxy Tab S7, on the other hand, is equipped with a Snapdragon 865+ processor, which offers excellent performance but falls slightly behind the Surface Pro X. Both devices provide smooth and lag-free experiences, but if you require intensive tasks, the Surface Pro X might be the better choice.

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Operating System and Software

The Surface Pro X runs on Windows 10, providing users with a familiar desktop-like experience and access to a wide range of software and applications. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab S7 operates on Android, offering a more mobile-centric experience with access to the Google Play Store. The choice between the two operating systems depends on your preference and the specific software you require for your tasks.

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Productivity and Features

Both the Surface Pro X and Galaxy Tab S7 excel in terms of productivity. The Surface Pro X comes with the full suite of Microsoft Office apps, making it an ideal choice for professionals who heavily rely on these tools. The Galaxy Tab S7 offers a seamless integration with Samsung’s ecosystem, allowing users to effortlessly switch between their Galaxy smartphones and tablets. Additionally, both devices support stylus input, providing a great experience for digital note-taking and drawing.

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Battery Life

Battery life is an essential factor to consider when choosing a tablet. The Surface Pro X offers decent battery life, lasting up to 13 hours on a single charge. However, the Galaxy Tab S7 surpasses it with its impressive battery performance, providing up to 15 hours of usage. Whether you’re a student, professional, or casual user, the longer battery life of the Tab S7 can be a significant advantage.

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Storage and Expandability

Both devices offer various storage options to cater to different needs. The Surface Pro X provides options ranging from 128GB to 1TB of storage, while the Galaxy Tab S7 offers 128GB and 256GB variants. Both devices also support expandable storage via microSD cards, allowing you to easily increase the available storage space. Consider your storage requirements and choose accordingly.

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Camera and Multimedia

The Surface Pro X and Galaxy Tab S7 feature capable cameras for capturing photos and videos. The Tab S7’s camera setup offers higher resolution and better image quality, making it a suitable choice for photography enthusiasts. In terms of multimedia, both devices provide excellent audio quality, but the Tab S7’s quad speakers deliver a more immersive audio experience. Whether you enjoy capturing moments or consuming media, both devices have you covered.

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Connectivity and Accessories

Connectivity options are crucial when choosing a tablet. The Surface Pro X offers a USB-C port, a Surface Connect port, and a headphone jack, providing flexibility for various peripherals. The Galaxy Tab S7 also features a USB-C port, a headphone jack, and supports Samsung DeX for a desktop-like experience. Additionally, both devices support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Consider your connectivity needs and the availability of accessories when making your decision.

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Price and Value

Price is often a significant factor when comparing devices. The Surface Pro X is generally priced higher than the Galaxy Tab S7, primarily due to its premium build quality and powerful hardware. However, it offers a more desktop-like experience and compatibility with a wide range of software. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab S7 provides excellent value for its price, especially for those who prioritize portability and multimedia consumption. Consider your budget and requirements to determine the best value for your investment.

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In conclusion, both the Surface Pro X and Galaxy Tab S7 are excellent tablets with their unique strengths. The Surface Pro X excels in performance, productivity, and compatibility with desktop software, making it a great choice for professionals. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab S7 offers a more portable form factor, impressive battery life, and a vibrant display, making it ideal for multimedia consumption and on-the-go productivity. Consider your specific needs and preferences to make the best decision for your requirements.

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