RTX 2080 Super vs 2080 Ti


  1. Introduction
  2. Specifications
  3. Performance Comparison
  4. Price Comparison
  5. Features
  6. Gaming Experience
  7. Cooling and Noise
  8. Power Consumption
  9. Compatibility
  10. Overclocking Potential
  11. Conclusion


The battle between the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti has been a hot topic among PC gaming enthusiasts. Both graphics cards are part of NVIDIA’s high-end RTX series, offering incredible performance and cutting-edge features. In this article, we will compare these two GPUs in terms of specifications, performance, price, features, gaming experience, cooling, power consumption, compatibility, and overclocking potential.

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When it comes to specifications, the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti are quite similar. Both cards are based on NVIDIA’s Turing architecture and feature ray-tracing technology. However, the 2080 Ti has more CUDA cores, higher base and boost clock speeds, and a larger memory bandwidth compared to the 2080 Super. These differences result in better overall performance for the 2080 Ti.

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Performance Comparison

In terms of performance, the RTX 2080 Ti outshines the 2080 Super. With its higher CUDA core count and clock speeds, the 2080 Ti delivers better frame rates and smoother gameplay in demanding AAA titles. It is capable of handling 4K gaming with ease, while the 2080 Super performs exceptionally well at 1440p resolution. If you are a competitive gamer or want the best gaming experience, the 2080 Ti is the way to go.

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Price Comparison

One of the major factors to consider when choosing between the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti is the price. The 2080 Ti is significantly more expensive than the 2080 Super, making it a premium option for those who are willing to invest in top-of-the-line performance. On the other hand, the 2080 Super offers excellent value for its price, providing high-end gaming capabilities at a more affordable cost.

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Both the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti come with a range of features that enhance the gaming experience. These include real-time ray tracing, DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), and AI-powered technologies. These features enable more realistic graphics, improved image quality, and better performance in supported games. Whether you choose the 2080 Super or the 2080 Ti, you can expect to enjoy the latest advancements in gaming technology.

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Gaming Experience

When it comes to gaming, both the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti deliver exceptional performance. The 2080 Ti, with its higher specifications, offers a smoother and more immersive gaming experience, especially at higher resolutions. However, the 2080 Super is no slouch either and can handle most modern games at high settings and resolutions. Ultimately, the choice between these two cards depends on your specific gaming needs and budget.

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Cooling and Noise

Efficient cooling is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and longevity of your graphics card. Both the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti come with advanced cooling solutions, including custom-designed fans and heatsinks. However, due to its higher power consumption, the 2080 Ti tends to run hotter and produce more noise compared to the 2080 Super. It is recommended to have a well-ventilated case and proper cooling setup for both cards.

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Power Consumption

Power consumption is an important consideration, especially if you have a limited power supply or want to minimize your electricity bills. The RTX 2080 Super consumes less power compared to the 2080 Ti, thanks to its lower CUDA core count and clock speeds. While both cards require a high-quality power supply, the 2080 Super is generally more power-efficient, making it a better choice for those who prioritize energy savings.

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Before purchasing a graphics card, it is essential to ensure compatibility with your existing system. Both the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti require a PCIe x16 slot and sufficient power connectors. Additionally, make sure your power supply can handle the power requirements of your chosen card. It is also recommended to check the physical dimensions of the card to ensure it fits within your case. Always consult the manufacturer’s specifications for compatibility details.

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Overclocking Potential

Overclocking allows you to push your graphics card beyond its stock performance, extracting additional power and achieving higher frame rates. Both the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti have excellent overclocking potential. However, due to its higher specifications, the 2080 Ti generally has more headroom for overclocking. If you are an enthusiast looking to maximize performance, the 2080 Ti offers greater overclocking capabilities.

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In conclusion, the RTX 2080 Super and the 2080 Ti are both powerful graphics cards that cater to different needs. The 2080 Ti offers unparalleled performance and is ideal for gamers who demand the absolute best. On the other hand, the 2080 Super provides excellent value for its price and is a great choice for those who want high-end gaming capabilities without breaking the bank. Consider your budget, gaming requirements, and future upgrade plans when making your decision.

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