Galaxy S20 FE vs S20


  1. Introduction
  2. Design
  3. Display
  4. Camera
  5. Performance
  6. Battery Life
  7. Storage
  8. Price
  9. Additional Features
  10. Conclusion


The Galaxy S20 FE and S20 are two popular smartphones offered by Samsung. While both devices belong to the same flagship series, they have some key differences that set them apart. In this article, we will compare the Galaxy S20 FE and S20 in terms of design, display, camera, performance, battery life, storage, price, and additional features. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of which device suits your needs better.

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The design of a smartphone plays a significant role in its appeal. The Galaxy S20 FE features a plastic back panel, giving it a more budget-friendly feel compared to the glass back of the S20. However, both devices have a premium look with slim bezels and a centered hole-punch camera on the front. The S20 FE is available in a wide range of vibrant colors, while the S20 offers a more traditional color palette.

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When it comes to the display, the Galaxy S20 and S20 FE offer similar experiences. Both devices feature a Super AMOLED display with a high resolution and vibrant colors. However, the S20 has a slightly larger display at 6.2 inches compared to the 6.5-inch display of the S20 FE. Additionally, the S20 offers a higher refresh rate, resulting in smoother scrolling and animations.

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The camera capabilities of a smartphone are often a deciding factor for many users. The Galaxy S20 and S20 FE both have impressive camera systems. They feature a triple camera setup with a primary wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens. However, the S20 has a higher resolution primary camera, allowing for more detailed photos. The S20 also offers additional camera features such as 8K video recording and a larger zoom range.

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In terms of performance, the Galaxy S20 and S20 FE are powered by the same processor, ensuring smooth multitasking and fast app loading times. Both devices also offer ample RAM for efficient performance. However, the S20 comes with more storage options and supports expandable storage, giving users more flexibility. This can be beneficial for those who require a large amount of storage for media files and apps.

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Battery Life

Battery life is an essential aspect to consider when choosing a smartphone. The Galaxy S20 and S20 FE have decent battery capacities that can easily last through a day of moderate usage. However, the S20 FE has a slightly larger battery, which may result in slightly longer battery life. Both devices support fast charging and wireless charging, allowing for convenient charging options.

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Storage capacity is an important consideration, especially for users who store a large amount of media files and apps on their smartphones. The Galaxy S20 and S20 FE offer different storage options. The S20 comes with higher base storage, starting at 128GB, and also supports expandable storage via a microSD card. On the other hand, the S20 FE starts at 128GB but does not have expandable storage. Therefore, if you require more storage flexibility, the S20 might be a better choice.

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Price is often a determining factor when purchasing a smartphone. The Galaxy S20 is the higher-end device and comes with a higher price tag compared to the S20 FE. The S20 FE, being a more budget-friendly option, offers a similar flagship experience at a more affordable price. If budget is a concern, the S20 FE provides excellent value for money without compromising on essential features.

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Additional Features

Both the Galaxy S20 and S20 FE come with a range of additional features that enhance the overall user experience. These include IP68 water and dust resistance, stereo speakers, an under-display fingerprint sensor, and support for 5G connectivity. However, it’s worth noting that the S20 offers some advanced features such as Samsung DeX support and a higher IP rating for water resistance.

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In conclusion, the Galaxy S20 and S20 FE are both excellent smartphones with their own unique features. The S20 offers a more premium design, a higher resolution camera, and expandable storage options. On the other hand, the S20 FE provides a more budget-friendly option with a larger display, slightly longer battery life, and a range of vibrant color choices. Consider your priorities and budget to determine which device suits your needs best.

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