DJI FPV vs Mavic 2 Pro

Title: DJI FPV vs Mavic 2 Pro

  1. Introduction
  2. Design and Build Quality
  3. Camera Performance
  4. Flight Performance
  5. Features and Functionality
  6. Battery Life
  7. Controller and Remote
  8. Price and Value
  9. Comparison and Verdict


DJI, a leading brand in the drone industry, offers a range of high-quality drones suitable for both professionals and enthusiasts. In this article, we will compare two popular models, the DJI FPV and the Mavic 2 Pro, to help you make an informed decision when choosing your next drone. We will delve into various aspects such as design, camera performance, flight capabilities, features, battery life, controller, and price. Let’s dive in!

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of a drone play a crucial role in its overall performance and durability. The DJI FPV features a sleek and aerodynamic design, specifically tailored for high-speed flights and FPV (First Person View) experiences. It has a robust carbon fiber frame that ensures durability and stability during intense maneuvers. On the other hand, the Mavic 2 Pro boasts a foldable design, making it compact and portable. Its build quality is excellent, with a magnesium alloy body that offers both strength and lightweight characteristics.

Camera Performance

When it comes to aerial photography and videography, the camera performance is a significant factor to consider. The DJI FPV is equipped with a 4K/60fps camera that captures stunning footage with great detail and clarity. It also supports RockSteady stabilization, ensuring smooth and steady shots even during high-speed flights. In comparison, the Mavic 2 Pro features a Hasselblad camera with a 1-inch CMOS sensor, capable of capturing 20-megapixel photos and 4K videos. The larger sensor size provides better low-light performance and dynamic range, resulting in exceptional image quality.

Flight Performance

Both the DJI FPV and Mavic 2 Pro offer impressive flight performance, but they cater to different flying styles. The DJI FPV is designed for adrenaline junkies and FPV enthusiasts who enjoy fast-paced and agile flights. It can reach a top speed of 87 mph (140 km/h) and has a maximum flight time of approximately 20 minutes. On the other hand, the Mavic 2 Pro focuses more on stability and versatility. It has a top speed of 45 mph (72 km/h) and can stay airborne for up to 31 minutes. Its flight modes, such as ActiveTrack and Hyperlapse, provide creative options for capturing unique aerial shots.

Features and Functionality

Both drones come with a range of features and functionalities that enhance the overall flying experience. The DJI FPV offers an immersive FPV experience with its goggles, allowing pilots to see through the drone’s perspective in real-time. It also has intelligent flight modes like ActiveTrack, Spotlight, and Point of Interest, which make capturing dynamic shots easier. The Mavic 2 Pro, on the other hand, excels in its obstacle avoidance capabilities with its advanced sensors and APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems). It also offers features like Hyperlapse, Waypoints, and Panorama, providing users with creative options for capturing stunning aerial imagery.

Battery Life

Battery life is a crucial aspect to consider when choosing a drone, as it determines how long you can fly and capture footage. The DJI FPV comes with a 6S 2000mAh battery, which provides a flight time of approximately 20 minutes. However, it’s important to note that aggressive flying and high-speed flights can significantly reduce the battery life. On the other hand, the Mavic 2 Pro is equipped with a higher capacity 4S 3850mAh battery, offering a longer flight time of up to 31 minutes. It also has a more efficient flight system, allowing for extended flights without compromising performance.

Controller and Remote

The controller and remote play a vital role in piloting the drone and accessing its features. The DJI FPV comes with a dedicated FPV remote controller that offers a seamless and immersive flying experience. It features a built-in 4-in-1 receiver, allowing for a stable and reliable connection. The Mavic 2 Pro, on the other hand, comes with the standard DJI controller, which offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. It has a built-in LCD screen that provides real-time flight information and access to various flight modes and settings.

Price and Value

When it comes to price, the DJI FPV is relatively more expensive compared to the Mavic 2 Pro. This is primarily due to its specialized FPV capabilities and the inclusion of the FPV goggles. However, if you are specifically looking for an immersive FPV experience and high-speed flights, the DJI FPV offers excellent value for money. On the other hand, the Mavic 2 Pro provides exceptional camera performance, flight stability, and versatility at a more affordable price point. It caters to a wider range of users, including professional photographers, videographers, and drone enthusiasts.

Comparison and Verdict

In summary, the DJI FPV and Mavic 2 Pro are both exceptional drones with their unique strengths and features. The DJI FPV excels in its FPV capabilities, high-speed flights, and immersive flying experience. It is perfect for adrenaline junkies and FPV enthusiasts who prioritize speed and agility. On the other hand, the Mavic 2 Pro offers outstanding camera performance, flight stability, and versatility. It is a reliable choice for photographers, videographers, and users who value image quality and creative options. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences.

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