Bose 700 vs QuietComfort 35 II


  1. Introduction
  2. Design and Comfort
  3. Sound Quality
  4. Noise Cancellation
  5. Battery Life
  6. Connectivity
  7. Additional Features
  8. Price Comparison
  9. Customer Reviews
  10. Conclusion


Welcome to our comprehensive comparison between the Bose 700 and the QuietComfort 35 II headphones. In this article, we will delve into the key differences and similarities between these two popular models from Bose. Whether you are a music enthusiast or a frequent traveler, choosing the right headphones can greatly enhance your audio experience. Let’s dive in and explore the features and performance of these two remarkable headphones.

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Design and Comfort

The design and comfort of headphones play a crucial role in determining the overall user experience. Both the Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II boast a sleek and modern design that appeals to a wide range of users. The 700 model features a more streamlined and contemporary look, while the QuietComfort 35 II has a slightly more traditional appearance.

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Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, both the Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II deliver exceptional performance. The 700 model offers a more immersive audio experience with its improved drivers and enhanced EQ. On the other hand, the QuietComfort 35 II provides a balanced and accurate sound signature, making it ideal for audiophiles who prefer a more neutral sound profile.

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Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a crucial feature for many headphone users, especially frequent travelers or those who work in noisy environments. Both the Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II excel in this aspect, providing excellent noise cancellation capabilities. However, the Bose 700 takes it a step further with its adaptive noise cancellation technology, which adjusts the level of noise cancellation based on the surrounding environment.

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Battery Life

Having a long-lasting battery is essential for uninterrupted listening sessions. The Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II offer impressive battery life, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music for extended periods. The 700 model provides up to 20 hours of continuous playback, while the QuietComfort 35 II offers up to 20 hours as well. Both models also feature quick charging capabilities, providing several hours of playback with just a short charging time.

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Seamless connectivity is another important factor to consider when choosing headphones. Both the Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to wirelessly connect their headphones to various devices. Additionally, these models support voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant, providing convenient hands-free control.

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Additional Features

In addition to their core functionalities, the Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II come with several additional features that enhance the overall user experience. The 700 model features touch controls on the earcups, allowing users to easily adjust volume, skip tracks, and answer calls with a simple touch. The QuietComfort 35 II, on the other hand, offers physical buttons for control, providing a more tactile experience.

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Price Comparison

Price is often a significant factor when making a purchasing decision. The Bose 700 is the newer and more advanced model, which reflects in its higher price tag. On the other hand, the QuietComfort 35 II offers similar performance at a more affordable price point. Depending on your budget and desired features, both options provide excellent value for money.

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Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a valuable source of information when considering a purchase. Both the Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II have received overwhelmingly positive reviews from users. Customers praise the exceptional sound quality, comfortable fit, and effective noise cancellation of both models. However, some users prefer the touch controls of the 700 model, while others appreciate the physical buttons on the QuietComfort 35 II.

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In conclusion, both the Bose 700 and QuietComfort 35 II are outstanding headphones that offer exceptional sound quality, comfortable design, and effective noise cancellation. The 700 model provides a more modern and streamlined look, along with touch controls for convenient operation. On the other hand, the QuietComfort 35 II offers a more traditional appearance and physical buttons for those who prefer a tactile experience. Ultimately, the choice between these two models depends on your personal preferences, budget, and desired features. Whichever option you choose, you can be confident in enjoying a premium audio experience.

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