Best Tools for Zigzag Cutting in Fabric Crafts.

Best Tools for Zigzag Cutting in Fabric Crafts


1. Introduction
2. Rotary Cutter
3. Pinking Shears
4. Electric Fabric Scissors
5. Fabric Shears
6. Zigzag Scissors
7. Seam Ripper
8. Fabric Marking Tools
9. Cutting Mats
10. Fabric Clips
11. Thread Snips
12. Embroidery Scissors
13. Fabric Glue
14. Conclusion


Zigzag cutting is an essential technique in fabric crafts that adds a decorative edge to fabric pieces. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, having the right tools for zigzag cutting can make a significant difference in the quality of your projects. In this article, we will explore the best tools for zigzag cutting in fabric crafts and how they can enhance your creativity and precision.

1. Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter is a versatile tool that allows you to cut fabric in straight lines or curves with ease. It consists of a handle and a circular blade that rotates as you move it along the fabric. The sharp blade of a rotary cutter makes it ideal for zigzag cutting, as it can create clean and precise edges. To use a rotary cutter for zigzag cutting, simply follow the desired pattern and let the blade do the work.

2. Pinking Shears

Pinking shears are specialized scissors with serrated blades that create a zigzag pattern along the fabric edge. They are commonly used in sewing to prevent fraying and add a decorative touch to fabric edges. Pinking shears are particularly useful for zigzag cutting because they create a consistent and uniform zigzag pattern. They are available in various sizes, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your project.

3. Electric Fabric Scissors

Electric fabric scissors are a convenient option for zigzag cutting, especially if you have a large volume of fabric to cut. These scissors feature a motorized blade that effortlessly cuts through fabric layers. With the push of a button, you can create precise zigzag edges without straining your hand. Electric fabric scissors are particularly useful for individuals with limited hand strength or mobility issues.

4. Fabric Shears

Fabric shears are a staple tool in any fabric crafter’s toolkit. They are designed specifically for cutting fabric and offer excellent precision and control. While fabric shears are not specifically designed for zigzag cutting, they can still be used to achieve zigzag edges with careful maneuvering. However, it is important to note that using fabric shears for zigzag cutting may require more skill and practice compared to other specialized tools.

5. Zigzag Scissors

Zigzag scissors, also known as decorative edge scissors, are designed specifically for creating zigzag patterns along fabric edges. These scissors feature blades with a zigzag shape, allowing you to effortlessly cut fabric in a decorative manner. Zigzag scissors come in various designs and sizes, offering a wide range of options for adding unique zigzag edges to your fabric crafts.

6. Seam Ripper

A seam ripper may not seem like an obvious choice for zigzag cutting, but it can be a useful tool in certain situations. If you have made a mistake while zigzag cutting and need to remove stitches, a seam ripper can help you carefully unpick the stitches without damaging the fabric. This tool is particularly handy when working with delicate or intricate fabric patterns.

7. Fabric Marking Tools

Fabric marking tools are essential for accurately marking the zigzag cutting lines on your fabric. These tools can include fabric chalk, disappearing ink pens, or fabric markers. By marking the cutting lines beforehand, you can ensure precise and consistent zigzag edges. Choose a fabric marking tool that is easily visible on your fabric but can be easily removed or washed away after cutting.

8. Cutting Mats

A cutting mat is a must-have tool for any fabric crafter, especially when it comes to zigzag cutting. These self-healing mats provide a protective surface for cutting fabric and prevent damage to your work surface. Additionally, cutting mats often come with measurement markings and grid lines, making it easier to align and cut fabric accurately. When using a rotary cutter or zigzag scissors, a cutting mat is essential to ensure clean and precise cuts.

9. Fabric Clips

Fabric clips are an alternative to traditional pins when it comes to holding fabric layers together during cutting. Unlike pins, fabric clips do not leave holes or marks on the fabric. They are particularly useful when working with delicate or stretchy fabrics that may be easily damaged by pins. Fabric clips can securely hold fabric layers in place, allowing for precise zigzag cutting without any shifting or distortion.

10. Thread Snips

Thread snips are small, sharp scissors designed specifically for cutting threads. While they may not be directly used for zigzag cutting, they are an essential tool for tidying up the edges of your fabric crafts. After zigzag cutting, you may have loose threads or stray fibers that need to be trimmed. Thread snips allow you to quickly and accurately trim these threads, giving your fabric crafts a clean and professional finish.

11. Embroidery Scissors

Embroidery scissors are small, sharp scissors with pointed tips that are ideal for intricate cutting tasks. While they are primarily used in embroidery, they can also be handy for zigzag cutting in fabric crafts that involve intricate designs or small details. The pointed tips of embroidery scissors allow for precise cutting in tight spaces, ensuring clean and accurate zigzag edges.

12. Fabric Glue

Fabric glue can be a useful tool for securing fabric edges after zigzag cutting. If you want to ensure that the zigzag edges stay in place, especially in projects that involve frequent handling or washing, fabric glue can provide an extra layer of security. It is important to choose a fabric glue that is specifically designed for fabric crafts and dries clear, ensuring that it does not affect the appearance of your zigzag edges.


In conclusion, having the right tools for zigzag cutting in fabric crafts is essential for achieving clean, precise, and decorative edges. Whether you prefer using rotary cutters, pinking shears, electric fabric scissors, or specialized zigzag scissors, each tool offers unique benefits for enhancing your fabric crafts. Additionally, fabric marking tools, cutting mats, fabric clips, thread snips, embroidery scissors, and fabric glue can further enhance your zigzag cutting experience. By using these tools in combination with proper techniques and practice, you can take your fabric crafts to the next level. Remember to choose the tools that best suit your project and enjoy the process of creating beautiful zigzag edges in your fabric crafts.

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